I came across the idea when I saw Cédric’s gif in his tutorial The Evolution of a ggplot (Ep. 1).


I was already saving lots of plots, in order to compare them when I changed or tried things, so I just added a couple of steps in the workflow.

  1. I save every plot as a png with ggsave inside a temp folder, add timestamp in the filename for easier sorting:

    ggsave(here::here("2020-week27", "plots", "temp",
        paste0("xmen-", format(Sys.time(), "%Y%m%d_%H%M%S"),
        ".png")), dpi = 320, width = 9, height = 9)
  2. I resize the images in Terminal, with 1024 as the max width or height. I use sips that comes with MacOS:

    sips -Z 1024 *.png
  3. I stitch the images with Gif Brewery 3, set 2 seconds duration for the first frame and 3 seconds for the last one.


Jose used another approach by overwriting ggplot, read how here.


Below are a couple of my videos, you can watch more of them on this link.