This is a little post about how I use R when I want to make changes in my code or test things and can’t sit in front of a big screen.

I have installed the following:

iMac (always on

  • R
  • SSH/Mosh. To access my iMac from my iPhone. Just SSH works fine and you don’t need to install anything but Mosh keeps the connection when moving between networks (Wi-Fi and cellular).
  • radian An alternative console for R with multiline editing and rich syntax highlight (requires R, python).


  • Textastic. Code editor to edit scripts.

  • Blink. An iOS terminal, with SSH and Mosh. I use it for Mosh, Textastic has built-in SSH terminal as well. I use it to connect to my iMac, start radian, run the scripts or test code in radian.

iMac and iPhone

  • Synced folders (I use iCloud) where the scripts live and plots are saved as images.

Simple workflow:
1. Start an SSH/Mosh terminal on iPhone to connect to iMac.
2. Start radian on iMac.
3. Write code in radian and see the results in the terminal or export a simple plot as an image.


When working with bigger scripts, I first write the script in RStudio on my iMac. When I want to write more code or change it on my iPhone:
1. Edit the script in the code editor.
2. Connect to iMac with an SSH/Mosh terminal and run the script in radian with source().
3. If I make a plot, I save it as an image inside a synced folder and then view it with Files on my iPhone.