tidytuesday by Georgios Karamanis

@steam_games for this week’s #TidyTuesday, dataset by @brightcdns via @Steam_Spy.

I looked at the most expensive titles and found among the design and developing tools games with prices way higher than any AAA game.


Most of the games are of questionable quality and use high prices as a discount strategy. The most expensive game, ADR-Labeling Game, at $595.99, is marketed as a game and an interactive training platform. Found some gems when reading the descriptions on Steam:

Tactics 2: War ($199.99)

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Bible Test ($199.99)

Bible Test is a test for a real connoisseur of this invaluable book.

Discounted 70% when bundled with 6 under-a-dollar games, such as Pussy Password, Hentai Casino and Kamasutra. Nice.

#tidytuesday by Georgios Karamanis

#TidyTuesday and I looked at video games franchises and revenue just from the actual video games:

Second submission for this week's #TidyTuesday, training my circular plot muscles for another challenge :) The labels above the circles are tiny, couldn't come up with any better solution, any feedback or idea is welcome!