tidytuesday by Georgios Karamanis

@steam_games for this week’s #TidyTuesday, dataset by @brightcdns via @Steam_Spy.

I looked at the most expensive titles and found among the design and developing tools games with prices way higher than any AAA game.

code: http://bit.ly/tidytue31

Most of the games are of questionable quality and use high prices as a discount strategy. The most expensive game, ADR-Labeling Game, at $595.99, is marketed as a game and an interactive training platform. Found some gems when reading the descriptions on Steam:

Tactics 2: War ($199.99)

For russians, the entrance to this page is $ 1,000,000,000,000 for 1 second. If you are russian or a citizen of russia and if you came here by chance, then you are obliged to either immediately leave or pay a penalty in the specified amount.

Bible Test ($199.99)

Bible Test is a test for a real connoisseur of this invaluable book.

Discounted 70% when bundled with 6 under-a-dollar games, such as Pussy Password, Hentai Casino and Kamasutra. Nice.