before/after 1 / by Georgios Karamanis

I've always liked "before and after" images, like the photos in this gallery, or this one (but, please, no celebrities!).

Some time ago I found the Before/After jQuery plugin and I've finally got it working inside a post. Thanks to Zach Fine of "in LA”, who took the original plugin, created by the admin of "Catch My Fame”, modified and wrapped it into a Wordpress plugin. I've just changed the color of the slider handle to match the colors of the blog (by the way, orange is my favorite color!)

So, here is the first before/after image. It's a photo of Vayia, friend and my yoga teacher some time ago. I took the photo last summer during a photo shoot with Andreas, photographer and Vayia's husband. You can view the "after” photo in a Flickr set, along with other photos from the photo shoot, here.




Drag the handle or click anywhere on the image to move the slider. Tap if you're on an iPhone or iPad.